December 2014


The world a solemn stillness keeps.

High, cloudless cold of clear night air:

The dreaming which this evening sleeps

Is everywhere.


The moon, pretender to the sun,

Is boldly balanced at clear height.

The darkness, from which it once begun,

Glows strange at night,


And whispers of the once-full trees

Grow thinner still. This is the time

For midnight oaths and reveries

Turned clandestine.


One thought on “December 2014

  1. Thanks for the poems. I am reading them by the fire. They are lovely to read aloud. We should have a poetry reading time together. I find I relate to your poems. They strike chords within. I sent you a photo of a painting yesterday but Phantom Demon did not like it and spewed it out. I will try again when there is some sunlight. Love from us both, Gran

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