If on a winter’s day

If on a winter’s day, you smile at me,
I tell you: all of the white, all of the crisp
And solemn mournfulness of morning’s hour
So simply settles, softens; in that smile
The bite of bitterness is thawed from every
Brittle leaf, each stem, each sleeping flower.
When ice upon each facet is impearled
Your smile would thaw the frost to its very heart
Right through; and where there once was misted dawn
Your long, low sunlight would erase the world
Of cold uncertainty. The cruelest frost
Would form the finest, rarest jewels of dew;
Your bright eyes would outshine the haze of morn,
Outshine the promised miracle of spring.
Warm hearts to winter’s waking love you bring,
When on a winter’s dawn you smile at me.

For Blair: as we walk on to winter, once again, I thank you for your warmth, your spirit and your smile. 


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