Something to be said.

There is something, which I am

So close,

So very nearly there,

In saying.


I haven’t opened my mouth,

Yet it rests on my tongue;

It rests on my heart, and has done


For a little while,

And even as I describe how

Indescribable it is,


Give me two seconds;

A minute, an hour, a year;

And it will be said.


Give me a day, to describe you.

Give me one day.


There is something I wish to say.


3 thoughts on “Something to be said.

    • Thanks! The thing is, a second of silence can say more than a thousand words. And just having the honesty to say, “I do not have the words to explain,” can mean so much more than waxing lyrical about something you can’t explain. Silence and honesty are both disarmingly sincere. I like that a lot.

      • Pleasure is mine, listening to the silence behind the unsaid words. Love your thoughts and you have put them very brilliantly……………the thoughts which are felt and not heard. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

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