Reaching a Clearing

We’ve reached the parting of the trees,
Sweet mists now wide and thin:
The heart of me is free to ease
The passing of our day.
Through twists of branches you could seize
My soul and keep me in:
But love, dear love, now far from these
Dark woods, you cannot win.

Safe held in lush obscurity
We could not find our way;
Kept winding, kind, lost surety
From where we did begin.
In your fierce woods you lured to me
Rich shadows of delay:
But love, dear love, from forests free
I know I cannot stay.

We have all probably found ourselves at a place where we look back on the last few weeks, months or years and finally just admit that we made a mistake. We reach a clearing, in a metaphorical sense leaving the woods behind, but also figuratively in the sense of “clearing out” what came before. It can be painful to end a relationship in this way, of course it can: but it is better, perhaps, than being lost in the dark but beautiful woods, lost forever. Or maybe it isn’t. I don’t actually know.

This piece is inspired greatly by Keats, Shelley and a fistful of Romantics. As ever, though written as an original piece (hastily about one hour ago on the bus), I confess to, and delight in, the palimpsest.


3 thoughts on “Reaching a Clearing

  1. Dear James Just read your beautiful poem, twice, and will return later. A hearing seeing thinking remembering poem, very emotive also with powerful clarity and some joyful relief. Works well for me. The only word that so far hasn’t registered is ‘kind’ but I will come back to it later. Thankyou, Gran

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    • Why thank you – “kind” was really put in there partially as an experiment, and partially to render the wondering in the woods less evil in intent. As ever, a work in progress though. Keep the commentary coming, development never ends! X

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