Your Boy


To see the contours of your face, each morning,

Is as watching the sun break like a wave

Over the world. I awake to find I am lost:

I am a child, never seen the sea before,

Adoringly taking in the first fresh sight of it,

Its majesty, its ever-changing sameness,

Its uncrafted and uncraftable wonder.

Stray boy, falls across a curious formation

Of facial angles, perfect, maritime.

All this, in silence; barely a sigh is seen

To raise the smooth exposure of your chest,

The proneness of your inward-curving waist

As you lay like a valley’s horizon on your side.

A child, who’d never heard the sea

Trapped in a shell, can barely hear you sleeping.

A poor fool, lost in wonder that such grace

And poise should flow from an unconscious form:

I awake in dreaming, and in waking, lose

All memory of being anything but your boy.



2 thoughts on “Your Boy

  1. A most beautiful love poem, perfectly visual, tactile, exciting and above all, loving. Bravo! Love from Gran

    Sent from my iPad

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