Cut off


The morning we awoke – and they’d cut us off,

Without internet, unawares – it rained a great deal.

Phones received nothing. Our screens finally ignored us.

There were no alerts, for which to stay alert.

I padded the kitchen, lit a fire for the kettle,

Drew water from the well, sang to myself that song

From my old country. You emerged, showered from the stream,

And still wet, we held each other and watched the rain.

By some sweet miracle, we had nothing, dearest nothing,

And you gave me the news – no internet – just as a blessing.

It was a blessing, just as the quiet rain.

Nobody in the whole, weird world knew we were there.

No photographs, no comments. No change of status.

Our loving, lost morning with the rain, and nothing stirred.



Around a month ago something happened with our broadband. All our access, all our wifi, just radiated white noise. There was nothing: by some accident of fate, or some technical fault, we were cut off from everything for an entire day. And it was one of the most precious days I have ever had. 


2 thoughts on “Cut off

  1. I like this as it is a whole story in a sonnet form. I can see it, hear the voice, think aabout it. A warm narrative, a novel I would like to read or be in. It took me back to reading and dreaming about Walden by Henry David Thoreau which I will reread right now. In the Yorkshire Dales there is a small dale caled Walden which I know well and would like to spend a whole year in, isolated. We used to walk the length of it with the boys when they were young. No connection I know of but there is a farmhouse there itself called Walden which has always captured my imagination. I yearn! Love from Gran

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    • I think a valiant return to the dales is well in order. This poem is based on real, if largely uninspiring events: being cut off, yet living in the centre of Lincoln still, nobody really able to access what we took for granted and took for a necessity. It was actually a blessed relief. I must return to the dales soon. My legs ache for a walk. xx

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