We’re not out of the woods yet: lullaby for Isaac


forest picture optimistic


We’re not out of the woods yet: lullaby for Isaac


Not out of the woods yet, little one.

We can’t rest, on how far we’ve come.

There were moments when the trees we saw

Stood by, condemned us, deep with scorn;

At times we wandered, feared for lost,

That no-one would come after us.

No northern star in cloudless skies

Could guide us from dense canopies

Of sullen trees. Yet here we are,

Safe now, with space for quiet and care.


Not quite out of the woods: but not far.

You know, I think we’re almost there.



My beautiful to-be sister-in-law has recently brought the little Isaac into the world. Their family’s journey so far has not always been easy, and no-one can say for certain that things will be a bed of roses from here on in. There may be creatures lurking behind the trees; we might lose our way, every now and then, or feel like we’re walking in circles. The woods can be lovely, but they can also be dark and deep. But at least they have people who love them, and who care for them, as they continue on their travels through the wild, wild wood.

Structurally here I’ve kept to a nursery rhyme feel, simple rhythms, easy half-rhymes and clear imagery. Nothing flashy, nothing too clever: just a simple lullaby. But it is sincere. It is written with so much love. I wish them every happiness and blessing, for the rest of their lives. 



2 thoughts on “We’re not out of the woods yet: lullaby for Isaac

  1. Dear James, What a lovely musical lyrical thoughtful optimistic poem. Should be set to music. Love from Gran

    Sent from my iPad

    • Aww, thanks. so glad you liked the lyrical side of it all, one of my inevitable features when writing.
      I don’t suppose you’ve seen pictures of Ed, Isaac and I yet – Isaac is at present the tiniest human I have seen. I wish that boy all the happiness, luck and love in the world.
      Similarly to you, dear thing. xx

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