There is no need for needing, now


 – For Blair – 


There is no need for needing, now,

For I have broken bread with you:

Though we must share our portion, how

Much fuller is our feast for two.


There is no thought of thinking, here:

Under the sun, my mind and yours

Have sunk from sleep and drinking; we’re

Much deeper dwelt than thoughtful cause.


There is no want or wanting, heart:

For nothing’s all we have, at last.

Nothing to burden, or tear apart,

Nothing to tie us to the past;


And there is no while for waiting, dear,

No worry in this life for how

To waste a day, a week, a year:

There is no need for needing, now.



I don’t own a house or a car; I have no pension plan, no savings, no ultimate aim in life. I am a poet, unpublished. I treat poverty as an old and dear friend. I have nothing: and so I have nothing to lose.

I have something else, though. There is a man who asked me to marry him, who has shared his home with me, who has shared his time and his laughter, his poetry, his fears, dreams and fancies. We have shared what food we can afford, our books, our friends, our affection for one another. We have just shared the simplest, most remarkable weekend. We are poor, and we are happy, and we are free.

And the sun is still shining outside. 


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