Baron of the Friday Knights – for Gary Holdaway


Baron of the Friday Knights – for Gary Holdaway



You’ve sometimes named yourself astray,

As “warrior”: allayed your mastery

Of harsh old hearts with t-shirt mails,

The martial art of ready meals;

The most blood you have ever spilled

Was onscreen, for some pixels killed.

For I see you not as a Warrior King,

But ennobled of a different thing.

You send a silent silver sword

On friends who crisscross unkind words;

Your scabbard is a long repose

In hazard of them turning foes,

Your summoned brothers to the cause

Of a hundred praise-forgotten wars.

I see you not as a fighting god.

Beneath, I saw a force forgot.

No warrior through great adversity:

You are a bearer of white mercy.

No dagger raise you to the sky:

A flag, in praise of company.

Out there about the leaden hurt

You wear around your head and heart

No sorry piece of naked steel:

Warrior, you are peacemaker still.



On the birthday of my good friend Gary Holdaway, whose blog you can find (and should definitely take a glimpse at) here: Entirely personalised: I love writing birthday poems. But yes, Happy Birthday Gary. So much love. 


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