“Speak to me in wonders”

glowing marco suarez


Speak to me in Wonders: Plea for a Lullaby


Speak to me in wonders. Please.

Talk miracles. I’ve seen you say

Strange weather forms, unseen before,

Strange coloured omens formed of sky.


Talk impossibilities,

Violet rains, streams ran uphill;

Unusual creatures, gifts from nature

I remember from childhood.


Whisper me improbable truths:

Vast caverns of rubies, of riddle games;

Of Amazons, fleet of fearless foot,

And talk softly these impossible dreams.


Remember to me tales of Furies

Overhead, and the fearful Roc:

These flighted stories in their curious

Way are daydreams for my sake.


Kiss rumours into life, I pray:

I shall forget them when I wake

And you have like the waking day

So softly gone, and wonder’s weak;


With music, pray, your wonders make;

Dance for me words of lullaby.


I love to write, of course: but I also have a passion for understanding how verse works. Any decent artist knows the tools she or he is using, knows the history of their art. Poets should be no different. 

This is an ode / extended sonnet form which comes into its own with mystical imagery. Half rhymes and internal rhyming keep a musicality running throughout; the simple rhythm keeps its own sing-song, lullaby pace, yet some of the syntax is quite archaic. Also, though a lullaby in itself, the narrative voice is asking for a lullaby, to be inspired, enchanted, and sent gently to sleep. End result is something almost-Romantic, and rather haunting. In substance, I could be asking many things: for beauty, for mystery, for stories; or for a wish to come true, and for a hopeless notion to be kissed “into life”. I am a soppy, sentimental creature at heart. I do apologise, ladies and gentlemen. 


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