An exchange with a Topman model


topman model for poem


Take me smoothly, nestle on my shoulders,

Let me kiss your neck so fine and bare;

Or madly, loosely, let the instant hold us,

But mind the hair.


Suffer on me deeds I’ve never heard of:

Let us dig the little way to hell.

Enough retreating. But when you rip my shirt off,

Mind the styling gel.


I never really finished A Rebours, so,

Let’s explore its ethics at a guess.

(When you claw the clothes from off my torso

Be careful with the vest.)


Your body is persistent, mine athletic –

Let us roll on floors, I don’t care where;

But Topman is the cause of my aesthetic

So mind the hair.


Lots of internal rhyme to this, and the structure is designed to make it extra-small, ironical and pretty. Like a prettyboy Topman model. The form is actually borrowed largely from Wilde, surprise surprise. (I do get distracted by beautiful things, you may have noticed)


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