Between the three of us, my friend Jac, my boyfriend and I occasionally set each other a challenge. Similar to “Three” the theme for this piece, picked almost at random, was “Monster”. We had a fortnight to write our own pieces, any format, any tone, any voice. It was interesting to see how our ideas all differed. I really recommend finding some like-minded friends / victims and trying this out. 




Hello, my love.


It has been difficult, to find any books about you

Under Dewey Decimal 133.1,


Or thereabouts. I couldn’t find you,

Until at last, through mist, I wandered wider;


Wherever had you gone?


Although I looked around me in the woods

I had to listen, for your whereabouts.


Scratching, scratching at my back

With every hug.


The creak on a stair,

The crackle of your hair.


The bumps in the night.


In the absence of another god

You can be my present and my past.


I made strange manikins of you.

I left wild berries, scented precious things,


I made a language out of you

And held your hollow body tight,


I worshipped you, your vacant eyes,

Your loveless love, your appetites,


(Didn’t I feed you?) – You were a toy

And were violent to me – (Didn’t I feed you?)


And the less your ragdoll responded, so

It took upon me, need, need, more and more.


Do you find me odd, now? And do you find me odd?

The way I talk like you, and talk like you,


And how you made me so.


I am your monster. And sometimes at night,

You can still hear me singing to you.


I am your monster. You turned out the light.



I have always loved, and will always love, Horror. This piece is just a little Gothic but largely quite emotive, more Plath than Poe. Also the structure is borderline nonexistent: which for boring old me is rather freeing, anyway.  


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