Rain for me

for Edward



And when the worst is felt,

Despite it all the sky is heartache blue;

When the morning has broken like a distant bell

And sings a fine note,

And still that sadness satisfies that part of you,

Please, rain on me.


Or when it is fool’s-gold-midday

And the children’s laughter appreciates the gold

Of day; and yet that sorrow sits its place,

Lies in the cool shade pleasantly

And for all that joy outside, keeps you in cold:

My loved one, rain on me.


If ever evening draws you as a friend

To a beautiful conclusion, like a wish,

And you cannot wish it; at the good day’s end

If still that cloudlessness

Above is answerless, I ask of your darkness this:

Please, rain your rain on me.


For all the joy in the world, if you cannot place

One smile to that sky outside: you can rain on me.


My partner occasionally suffers from certain moods. For all the joy, for all the beauty under the sun, at times that sadness cannot shift. I dedicate this to him. 


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