Congratulations on a friend’s recent engagement

I don’t think I could be happier.

I have given the matter some consideration,

And for want of a better explanation

I could not think of a reason why,

An earthly reason why I should be happier.


I’ve given my congratulations,

My dues, and my felicitations,

My all the bests, and all the rest,

And I mean it exactly whenever I mention

That I couldn’t be happier in the current situation.


Bitterness isn’t for me;

Nor unwieldy levity,

Hugs, screams and jumps and endless congratulations.

Have the benefit of my brevity,

My true, and heartbroken gravity

When I offer my friendly but broken resignation:

That I wish you the best, and all the rest,

And I ought to be happier –

I truly wish I were happier –

But I couldn’t be happier, despite your celebration.


But don’t take to heart what’s said above:

It’s all said in the most sincere love.



“No I’m not being passive aggressive or anything. I’m fine.”


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